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Vancouver hair product dry shampoo deep conditioner
ORIBE haircare at Space Salon
k18 Hair Repair Vancouver
pulp riot hair color
olaplex Vancouver hair treatments
Pulp Riot faction8 , best hair color Vancouver Surrey Space Salon
parlux- the best blowdryers Space Salon Vancouver and South Surrey

At Space, we only use and endorse what we consider to be the best and most exclusive hair care products available in any salon in Vancouver and South Surrey.

We colour hair with Pulp Riot, Faction8, Wella, and Goldwell. Each brand offers certain qualities that we love and are unique, so we use what we feel is the best in it's category.
These are the gentlest, most hypo-allergenic, highest performing colours on the market today.

We wash and style hair with Oribe, Product for Hair, and Olaplex. Performance is everything to us. Everything we use and sell does what it is supposed to do.

And while we use many different tools in the salon, we endorse Parlux blowdryers. We've used virtually every brand and nothing compares to the quality of Parlux.

Please call ahead to make sure we have what you are looking for, as sometimes we sell out of our most popular products.

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