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Michael Levine and Liz Abreu met in 1995 as apprentices at a large Vancouver hair salon company. After working their way up to become Master Stylists and educators for that salon, they decided to try to create something different and in 1998 opened a two chair salon, on the 3rd floor of a run-down building in Gastown, Vancouver. It was called Statik.

It was here that Michael and Liz started training and developing new stylists in their way of doing hair and with customer care as the main priority. The business grew from 2 people to 50 people within 10 years, and in that time they created a few different salon brands; Statik, Caramel, Tao, The Vancouver Hairdressing Academy. The also created their own product company, calling it Product. 

Business is challenging, and while there have been ups and downs, Michael and Liz have always maintained their passion for 2 things; developing young stylists and giving them a career path,

and for the client experience in their salons.

Everyone is treated exactly the same in their salons. Everyone is a VIP and nobody is ever anything less than that.

Michael and Liz are honoured and grateful for every person that has trusted them with their hair.


michael levine

A hairdresser since 1992, Michael has worked extremely hard to become good at the craft of hairdressing.

Training under some of the best hairdressers in the world as an Aveda Purefessional, Michael eventually became an educator and stage artist, presenting hair and his ideas on the salon industry all over the world.

With a belief that one doesn't have the right to teach unless they have a mastery of their craft, Michael is constantly working on new ideas in hairdressing.


liz abreu

Liz started hairdressing in 1991 and quickly worked her way up to Master Stylist.

One of the most passionate and talented hairdressers anywhere, Liz is the person behind almost everything we do, choosing to be backstage prepping hair, and coordinating and dressing models at shows.

Her skills behind the chair are second to none, as she has a true passion for making people look and feel more beautiful.  

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