All of our designers have gone through a rigorous and intensive training and apprenticeship 
to achieve our high standards of service.
We continue our growth through constant advanced training in technique and current fashion direction. Levels are awarded based on years of experience, client retention and demand.
A lower numeric level may not always be indicative of lower skill or talent, and your salon experience 
should be the same.


LIZ ABREU haircuts $95

Liz has been a hairdresser since 1992 and has been one of Vancouver's most successful stylists and salon owners for many years. Even though Liz is a true master of all aspects of hairdressing, when not in the salon or with her family, Liz travels the world teaching, demonstrating, and also learning even more as she goes a long.
Liz books an extremely limited schedule. The best way to book with her is to DM her through her Instagram.

MICHAEL LEVINE haircuts- $150 (Michael sees clients on Wednesdays

Michael Levine has been a hairdresser since 1993 and is one of Canada's most recognized and in-demand stylists.
A master of blonding, finishing, and technical haircutting, Michael is one of hairdressing's top educators. Mainstaging large hairshows, speaking to sold-out rooms in New York and Los Angeles, and touring Europe as a platform artist with Pulp Riot, Michael is a true expert in hairdressing.

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ELAINE haircuts from $65

First picked up scissors- 2013
Personal Style? Fun and modern

Area of expertise? I love it all, blonding, ombres, balayage, sexy hair, men's hair.

When not in the salon? Enjoying time with family and loved ones.

HEIDI haircuts from $65

First picked up scissors- 2013
Personal Style? Chic and on trend

Area of expertise? I love doing balayage and highlighting, challenging haircuts and colour corrections, and pretty upstyles.

When not in the salon? Family and children

LILIANA haircuts from $55

Originally from Mexico, Liliana has been doing hair for over a decade.
She is an excellent cutter and colourist, with blondes being her speciality.
Lilian has also become the academy director at the Vancouver Hair Academy.

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ERIN haircuts- $45

Erin is a graduate of the Vancouver Hair Academy and has become a fantastic colourist and stylist, specializing in blonding makeovers, fun colours, and gorgeous styling.

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MAREEN haircuts- $40

Mareen is a graduate of the Vancouver Hair Academy and has become a very talented young stylist. 

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